Destiny 2 might be in a bit of a pickle as of late, but Bungie's determined to keep its loyal fans entertained with confirmation of Iron Banner's return. The tough-as-nails PvP mode is back for more on January 30 for one week, offering yet another batch of fresh gear for Guardians to hoover up.

This will mark the first Iron Banner event of season two of the alien-exterminating sequel, with Bungie plumping for Control as the game type of choice.  More importantly, the rewards this time around actually look pretty damn sweet, with a new hand cannon, shotgun, scout rifle, ghost shell, and more up for grabs.

Furthermore, the former Halo developer will also be giving players the chance to purchase goods from Lord Saladin, with three weapons and armour available during each event. Ornaments are also rewarded for those who complete Saladin's Iron Banner challenges.

Finally, if you're still eager to collect Iron Banner gear from season one of Destiny 2, you still have the chance to do so through Engram drops. Be sure to read up on more of Bungie's plans for the shared-world shooter here and check out Alice's thoughts on Destiny 2 in our review

Have a gander at the new Iron Banner gear below.

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