Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 update 1.1.2 is deploying later today following yet another round of server maintenance. The downtime has not long kicked off (4.00pm GMT) though will last for around four hours, sadly.

There is a silver lining however. If you're already logged in and playing (in which case we have to question why you're reading this; get back to the grind Guardian, there be Engrams to earn) you can continue to do so until 5.00pm GMT.

At this point anyone still logged in will be booted back to the title screen. Three hours later the maintenance is scheduled to wrap up, after which you'll be able to download and install update 1.1.2 and continue playing. 

Iron Banner is returning this week with some pretty sweet gear, and Bungie is also looking for feedback on the Trials of the Nine if you're interested. A Wall Street analyst recently claimed that Destiny 2 is in a bit of a sorry state at present, though we're not about ready to write it off just yet. 

Alice thought the shared-world shooter was definitely worth a punt back when it launched, and with more content now available, we can't imagine why fans of the original wouldn't want to hop back in. 

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