Destiny 2's Warmind expansion has a bunch of hidden goodies spread throughout its new campaign and various strikes. Weapons, armour, you know, the usual suspects. But a riddle leading to an actual real-life treasure cache? Yeah, that's a new thing entirely.

That's exactly what Redditors discovered when decoding an intricate set of puzzles locked away in the depths of Rasputin's chamber in Warmind, though. After cracking the case, the group were confronted with a message left behind by the sister of the mysterious Exo Stranger from the original Destiny.

It also features a set of coordinates: 43.549573, -73, 544868, which point to the Sleeping Beauty Mountain range in upstate New York.

This is where things get pretty damn awesome. A nearby Redditor went to the location, and after a bit of digging, discovered an actual loot cache featuring a replica spear, a box of coins, a few notes, and a journal left by Vicarious Visions. 

Check out some images of the goodies below. If you want to see a comprehensive breakdown of how the puzzle was solved, then hit up this Reddit thread.

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