Destiny 2 Showcase reveals Lightfall expansion, Season of Plunder and more

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Bungie has revealed the future of Destiny 2 during its 2022 Showcase live event, confirming details of its next expansion and much, much more.

The show kicked off with an hour long pre-show before the main event, explaining the Destiny story so far and showcasing the talent of its community.

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However, the real meat would come in the second hour, as the team unveiled more of Lightfall, the next expansion of the Light and Darkness Saga.

Destiny 2 Showcase 2022 – Lightfall news, release date and more

As announced during the broadcast, Lightfall is set to arrive on Tuesday, 28 February 2023.

Players will head to Neptune on the expansion, in a hidden city called Neo Muna? You’ll meet the Cloud Striders, the guardians of this new location.

The expansion will also introduce Strand. A new Darkness power that you’ll get to play with in the expansion. This will include new traversal powers, letting you use the power like a grapple hook. Weeeee!

All three classes will get to use Strand as a grappling hook. However, each will also have their own unique power, for example – the Hunter will be able to manifest a Rope Dart.

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You’ll be going up against new enemies, such as the Tormentors. These huge enemies will offer a new challenge to players, with the devs even saying they’ll feel like mini-boss encounters.

Aside from the expansion, Bungie is hoping to add a new LFG Fireteam Finder in 2023, to help players find others to play with more easily.

On a similar note, with Lightfall the team are also adding a new Commendation system too. You’ll be able to see and rate players at a glance on things like teamwork and leadership.

Destiny 2 Showcase 2022 – Season of Plunder, Arc 3.0 update and more

In addition, Bungie also revealed the next season coming to the main Destiny 2 game. Season of Plunder will be a pirate themed season, with maps to find and treasure to seek.

You’ll get to put together a pirate crew, get your own ship and set off on some pirate adventures. These include new activities like Catch Crash. There’ll also be an Expedition where you’re seeking treasure while fending off rival pirates.

The new season will also see a revamp of the Arc damage type. Arc Hunters, for example will get a new ability called Gathering Storm allowing you to use your staff like a lightning rod.

All this will come to the game as part of the Season of Plunder which will run from today, August 23 through until December 6.

If that wasn’t enough, Destiny 2 has partnered up with Epic Games for some treats. Not only is Destiny 2 available on the Epic Game Store from today, but there’s collaborations with Fall Guys and Fortnite. Check out a trailer for those below.

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