Destiny 2 servers and the original Destiny will go offline today as part of planned maintenance and server reset. Bungie had previously announced that both games would be going offline for a few hours today as part of the weekly reset. Going forward all weekly resets will happen every Tuesday at 10am BST.

The planned maintenance will last around four hours beginning at 3pm BST, and from this time onwards players won’t be able to log in to the game. Those who are already in game will be given a notice warning them of the downtime, giving them time to finish their mission and log out of the game. For those still logged in at 4pm BST, they’ll be removed from the game whilst the maintenance goes ahead.

These weekly resets happen due to the fact that a number of activities (and their rewards) are tied to the weekly reset. Once these have been completed each week, players will need to wait until the following week to complete them once again and receive new rewards. 

These resets affect the Nightfall (essentially a high-level strike), Meditations and the Raid (when it goes live), giving players the opportunity to run them again for different (and hopefully better) loot. During this time all of the Destination Milestones are refreshed, which includes weekly Challenges, the Flashpoints, Clan XP and the Crucible’s Call to Arms.

Following the weekly reset, items sold by the vendors, and the Eververse inventory of items that can be purchased with Bright Dust, changes. When Xur makes his appearance, these weekly updates will affect the items he has for sale.

For more details head over to the Bungie website.

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