Destiny 2 will be receiving a boatload of new updates in the coming months in an effort to polish up the divisive shared-world shooter, developer Bungie has announced. Leading the charge will be the return of Faction Rallies and Iron Banner, which launch on January 16 and January 30, respectively.

As expected, Crimson Days is officially returning for Valentine's Day 2018, and will roll out on February 13. During this time, players can earn exclusive loot such as a Legendary Emote and Sparrow by completing Nightfall, Raid, and Crimson Days Milestones. What's more, you'll receive both a Crimson Engram and Illuminated Engram upon levelling up during the event.  

January 30 will see the new Master Armor system roll out, which augments your Super abilities with reduced damage intake. Raid rewards will also be tweaked, with Bungie promising to make them 'more unique and interesting,' while the Raid vendor will now flog Leviathan and Eater of Worlds armor and weapons in exchange for Raid tokens and Legendary Shards.

Meanwhile, February will see yet another significant update. Here, PC owners will benefit from text chat while chilling out in the Tower with their buddies, while the number of Exotic duplicates that you may potentially receive will be reduced. Bungie is also planning on reworking armor and weapon mods and will introduce Strike Scoring to the Nightfall in place of the current time limit, while High Scores are also being implemented. 

Spring 2018 will mark the launch of the next batch of major Destiny 2 DLC, although we'll also be getting more free goodies like the new Crucible Ranking system and private match option. If that wasn't enough, the game's competitive multiplayer mode will receive 6v6 playlists to supplement the current 4v4 offering. 

There's a heap more info available for Destiny 2 on Bungie's official blog post, so be sure to check it out here and see what else is in store. In addition, have a butcher's at Alice's review of Destiny 2 to see if grinding for Engrams is worth your valuable time (hint: it kinda is). 

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