Bungie has moved to apologise for Destiny 2's recent botched Faction Rally event, after the studio failed to make it clear that new Season Two gear would not roll out immediately and is instead going to be a staggered affair. 

Writing in its weekly blog update, the former Halo developer first touched on the previous Faction Rally event, which was bugged so that Guardians could rake in heaps of Faction tokens without really doing much of anything. December's update added this feature to an existing system, which in turn locked out some players from nabbing Lost Sector rewards.

However, players found this solution too 'disruptive' and as such Bungie is working on a fix so that when you open a chest you'll always find loot. More info is promised before the next Faction Rallies event.

As for the Season Two rewards, the studio admitted it was pure lack of communication on their part. 'This was on us. No excuses,' said Bungie. 'We will be remedying this lapse in communication next week with details on what you should expect when the next Iron Banner rolls out in Season 2.' 

Elsewhere, the company touched base on the new Beaver error code, suggesting players close the Destiny 2 application to fix the issue. If it persists, then it recommends firing over a report to the Help forum. Finally, Bungie is also preparing to iron out a waypoint issue with Ikora in the next Destiny 2 update, due January 30.

You can read up on all of Bungie's major plans for Destiny 2 here, including the new Master Amour, Crucible 6v6 matches, and Strike Scoring. When you're done, have a butcher's at our review of the base game to see if it's worth the grind.

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