Deathloop’s DualSense features will let you feel it when your gun jams

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Publisher Bethesda has been touting the added benefits the DualSense controller offers in upcoming time-twisting shooter Deathloop.

In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Senior Content Manager Anne Lewis talks about how each of the PlayStation 5 console exclusive's weapons will feel unique in the ways they fire, reload and even swing in your hands while running thanks to the haptic feedback in the triggers.  Using the PT-6 Spiker—a silenced nailgun—as an example, you'll be able to feel each nail as it's loaded into the chamber.

What's more is when you grab a low-tier weapon. As Colt, you'll start off with lower-grade, lower tier weapons that may be prone to rusting and jamming. When this happens, Lewis says, you'll be able to feel it happen even before the animation kicks in as your trigger button gets blocked haflway. Naturally, you'll also be able to feel it as your character punches the gun to get it working again, with a correlating strike coming through the triggers at the same time.

And of course, Deathloop is also set to make good use of the DualSense's speaker, with Juilianna —the assassin who'll be rentlessly chasing you through Deathloop's adventure and can be controlled by another player, should you so choose— taunting you from your personal radio, whose sounds will be delivered through the controller.

Deathloop is set to launch as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive as well as PC on May 21, 2021 and developer Arkane has previously called it far different from your usual roguelike.

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