Death Stranding: Director’s Cut announced for PlayStation 5

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut announced for PlayStation 5
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Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is on its way to PlayStation 5.

During Summer Game Fest 2021, Hideo Kojima spoke with Geoff Keighley and revealed the game. It looks as if Kojima and his team have spliced Death Stranding with a bit of Metal Gear Solid. Check out the trailer below, in which Sam Bridges, the hero of Death Stranding, ponders hiding in a cardboard box.

The official description tells us that Death Stranding: Director’s Cut comes from “legendary game creator Hideo Kojima.” (But, then, it would.) It then goes on to describe the game as “now expanded and remastered for the PlayStation 5 console in this definitive Director’s Cut.” Before promising, “More info coming soon.”

A full reveal is, apparently “weeks away,” but, until then, we are free to speculate on whatever we like. The trailer shows off a stealth section, in a warehouse that could have plucked from Shadow Moses Island—completed with steamed breath and rifle-toting soldiers.

If  Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is true to its name, then it will likely entail content that was either cut from the main game, or else has been developed afterwards. Either way, Kojima looked suitably excited—as indeed did Geoff.