Dean Hall wants DayZ on console ‘sooner rather than later’

Dean Hall wants DayZ on console ‘sooner rather than later’
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DayZ creator Dean Hall has said that he would like to see the open world hit ported to consoles “sooner rather than later” where he believes there is “a potential for strong sales”.

“Moving onto consoles would be a natural step but it’s important that the PC comes first and delivers on its promise of experimentation,” Hall told MCV. “I think there is a potential for strong sales on the console.

“I’d be excited to see what could be done with DayZ on a good console port. It’s an exciting time with the release of the new consoles so I hope we can find a timeframe sooner rather than later.”

A console version of DayZ was first hinted at in September 2012, when publisher Bohemia told that it would “probably be stupid not to” consider bringing the game to consoles.

Hall followed up on Bohemia’s comments seven months later, saying that a console port is “almost certain” and that he would be “interested” in releasing the game on PS4.

Hall revealed last week that the PC early access version had already sold over 2 million copies within its first four months on sale. The PC release is expected to hit beta later this year.

Source: MCV | Issue 787