Capcom hopes to shift 1.2 million copies of Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One over its launch period until March 31, 2014.

This is the first sales forecast we've seen for a next-gen launch title and seems achievable given the game's high profile as an MS published launch game.

Analysts have estimated around three million Xbox One units will ship in 2013, with a steady supply expected in the month that follow.

Dead Rising 3 releases on November 22.


Previous games in the series have achieved sales above 1.2 million, albeit with larger install bases. Dead Rising sold 1.8 million, while its sequel performed even better with 2.7 million copies.

Sales of the first game will be a more accurate indicator given the game was only available on Xbox 360; the sequel also came to PS3 and PC.

Source: Capcom IR (PDF)