Xbox One's achievement system replaces icons with full size screenshots - which could prove to be a problem for developers hoping to keep their DLC plans a secret.

Last week's massive Dead Rising 3 patch updated the games' achievements to include the full list of those due to be introduced with the upcoming Season Pass content which, when viewed on Xbox One, offers the first screenshots of each DLC pack and its new playable characters.

Dead rising 3 dlc biker

The screens appear to confirm that players will get to play as biker gang leader Hunter in Chaos Rising, and female illegal Angel in Fallen Angel.

The final DLC, The Last Agent, will also introduce an unknown ZDC agent.

Dead rising 3 dlc agent

More screenshots of the DLC's characters and plot points can be found by viewing each achievement on your Xbox One console. We've chosen not to post them here to minimise spoilers.

Dead Rising 3's first DLC episode 'Operation Broken Eagle' launched last week. Release dates for the remaining three episodes have yet to be announced.

Source: Xbox One