Dead Island 2 release date – when can I play it?

Dead Island 2 release date – when can I play it?
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Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have announced that they’re moving the release date of upcoming zombie smash-em-up Dead Island 2 a week earlier than previously announced.

The game had originally been set to come out on April 28, 2023 – but the game’s official account made the revelation at the same time it had announced the game had gone gold.

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Fans are sure to welcome the news of course, with the studio even acknowledging the game’s long development cycle to this point in the announcement on Twitter.

When does Dead Island 2 release?

As a result, Dead Island 2 will now launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Game Store on April 21, 2023. So don’t worry if you’re wondering if the Dead Island 2 PS4 version will actually exist!

The team’s spent the last few months since the game’s last delay back in November of 2021 showing off many of the features of this belated sequel – including some of the elite zombies you’ll have to fight in the game’s post-apocalyptic version of LA.

These include Elite variations of zombies, each with unique ways of making your day that much harder. For example – Screamers blood curdling cry can knock you back – and alert nearby hordes.

Meanwhile, Slobbers will cover the player in an acidic bile – blocking their vision and making it harder to move. Deal with these threats and then there’s also the Apex zombies; who’ll really pose a challenge for you and your band of zombie hunters.

Deep Silver and Dambuster have now delivered on their promise by providing the latest in-depth gameplay trailer. You can check it out in all its zombie-slaying glory below.