Dead Cells’ next DLC The Queen and the Sea dated for January 6

Dead Cells’ next DLC The Queen and the Sea dated for January 6
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Motion Twin has announced that the next DLC for roguelike metroidvania Dead Cells entitled The Queen and the Sea will drop in the first week of January.

Billed as the most ambitious update yet, the package includes two brand new biomes. The Infested Shipwreck, as the name implies, features a haunted shipwreck full of eldritch horrors to slay. The Lighthouse biome, meanwhile, challenges players to think vertically and quickly as they have to outrun flames chasing them to the peak of a large tower.

Of course, should they get there players will have to face off against the newest Dead Cells boss, The Queen. The devs are keeping much about her under wraps, so you’ll have to meet her yourself to find out what you’re in for. Expect a tough battle though, testing all of your Dead Cells skills so far.

To help, the pack also introduces a new pet known as the Leghugger. They’re an evolving, summon-able creature who feeds by attacking your enemies. Let them grow strong enough and they’ll change into their adult form and prove a valuable ally. Elsewhere in the pack, new weapons include the Hand Hook, the Abyssal Trident and The Queen’s Rapier.

You can check out a trailer for the new content below. The Dead Cells Queen of the Sea DLC arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on January 6.