Dead Cells crosses over with Hollow Knight, Guacamelee! and more in latest update

Dead Cells crosses over with Hollow Knight, Guacamelee! and more in latest update
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Publisher Motion Twin has announced the latest update for Dead Cells is now live, bringing a host of other indie games into the roguelike adventure.

Entitled the ‘Everyone is Here’ update, it brings along new weapons and skills inspired by other games. Following the update, players will find a new book in their starting chamber. This book sets players a new challenge, which should they complete it will unlock one of the new characters to play as.

The weapons and skills coming to Dead Cells in this update include: Hollow Knight‘s Pure Nail which allows you to attack upwards and downwards. Next up is Blasphemous‘ Face Flask that deals a small amount of damage to yourself but allows you to recover a portion of missing health. There’s also Hyper Light Drifter‘s Gun & Sword combo, where one can mark targets for the other.

Fourth on the list is the Pollo Power from Guacamelee! which allows you to turn into a chicken for a few seconds. Skul: The Hero Slayer is represented by a weaponised Bone. Finally, Curse of the Dead Gods grants you a machete and pistol which can inflict critical attacks on enemies.

Alongside these weapons and skill, the update also introduces ‘Lore Rooms’. This gives players a backstory to these new skills that ties them into both Dead Cells and their respective games. The update is free for everyone, and is live now in the game on PC. It’ll also be coming to the console version of Dead Cells ‘very soon’.

You can check out a gameplay trailer for the Dead Cells Everyone is Here update down below. There’s also the full patch notes, should you want them, over here.