DBD Twisted Masquerade 2024 release date, start time countdown & masks

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It has been a fantastic year so far for the Dead By Daylight community, and it is only set to get better between now and the beginning of 2025. In an annual tradition, we have the 8th anniversary event on the cusp of coming out. Here you will find the DBD Twisted Masquerade event 2024 release date and start time countdown so you know exactly when it will come out, and you will also find all of the masks available to unlock.

Right now we are in the midst of Dead By Daylight Chapter 32, which is an incredible collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons. The new killer right now is Vecna, meanwhile, the new survivor is Aestri Yazar. As if Dungeons and Dragons wasn’t exciting enough, BeHaviour Interactive has confirmed that this year we are getting a crossover with CastleVania.

The CastleVania crossover is awfully exciting, as is the rest of the content lined-up for the remainder of this year. But, before anything else, the DBD Twisted Masquerade 2024 event is imminent with the release date and start time countdown nearly over.

Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade event 2024 release date

The release date for the Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade 2024 is June 13th. This was confirmed by BeHaviour Interactive in their Before the Masquerade blog post.

Since May 14th, there have been weekly login rewards as well as map boosts and outfit sales. This ends with the beginning of the 8th anniversary event, so make sure to log in before tomorrow so you can get the final weekly offering of login rewards.

When does DBD Twisted Masquerade 2024 start?

The start time for the Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade 2024 is 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST on June 13th. This is the launch hour for all updates and new chapter releases, and it has also been confirmed in the Before the Masquerade blog post.

DBD Twisted Masquerade 2024 start time US

  • 8AM PT on Thursday, June 13th
  • 11AM ET on Thursday, June 13th

DBD Twisted Masquerade 2024 start time UK

  • 4PM BST on Thursday, June 13th


Below is a countdown to the official start time:

Dead By Daylight masks

Below are all of the killer and survivor masks that will be available to unlock during the event:


  • The Clown
  • The Doctor
  • The Hag
  • The Plague
  • The Skull Merchant
  • The Twins


  • Adam Francis
  • Kate Denson
  • Renato Lyra
  • David Tapp
  • Thalita Lyra
  • Yun-Jin Lee
DBD Twisted Masquerade 2024 masks
Image credit: BeHaviour Interactive

You will be able to unlock the above masks by completing challenges. During the 8th anniversary livestream, it was also mentioned that the event will be hosted by Tryks, who will be appearing for the first time ever. They will appear on the map and perform tricks on players. You can watch the anniversary livestream to hear everything new about Twisted Masquerade this year.

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