Dead by Daylight devs have disabled a popular killer following exploit complaints

Dead by Daylight devs have disabled a popular killer following exploit complaints
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Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has disabled The Knight following numerous player complaints regarding an exploit that allowed it to summon multiple guards at once. As of writing, it’s currently unclear what caused the issue in question. However, now that the dev team has disabled the Killer responsible for it, players should finally be able to repair generators and open exit gates without having to worry about being constantly interrupted.

Of course, now that The Knight has been disabled, we’d recommend learning how to get Killers fast in Dead by Daylight so you can practice using many of the other iconic villains in the game. Unfortunately, if you were looking forward to using the improved and exploit-less medieval Killer, you may be in for a longer wait than usual, as Behaviour Interactive stated that due to the holiday period, “the Knight is not likely to return until the next update.”

Luckily, player reaction towards Behaviour’s decision to disable The Knight has been overwhelmingly positive since players had become tired of each match being held hostage by its exploitable skill. Several comments under the developer’s official announcement post even told the developers “not to rush it” and to “take their time,” while some bluntly suggested “disabling [The Knight] forever.”

Though the developers have not provided an exact release date for the next patch ushering in the return of The Knight, we expect it to arrive in the new year following the festive season, so you’ll have to make do with Chucky, Ghostface, Alien, and the rest of the game’s evil roster for now.

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