Dead by Daylight’s Ringu-themed Sadako Rising chapter is available now

Dead by Daylight’s Ringu-themed Sadako Rising chapter is available now
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Behaviour Interactive has announced that the new Sadako Rising DLC for asymmetric multiplayer slasher Dead by Daylight is now available.

If you missed the original announcement, this new chapter is based on Japanese horror series Ringu. Specifically, it’s based on the original Japanese novel and film adaptation, rather than US counterpart The Ring. It includes a new killer in the form of cursed well-dweller Sadako Yamamura and a new survivor Yoichi Asakawa.

As a Killer, Sadako’s got some new gameplay mechanics for those playing as her. She begins each game undetectable and invisible, but appears briefly to survivors if she’s in close proximity. To manifest in the game, she’ll need to project herself through one of the many TVs dotted around the map. When she does, she increases a Condemned meter for any Survivors nearby. If a Survivor is unfortunate enough to let their Condemned meter fill, she can off them instantly upon downing them.

Kadokawa, the company who are in charge of the Ringu series, seem very pleased by the collaboration as per a quote from producer Reiko Imayasu. “The Dead by Daylight team has done a great job of continuing Yoichi’s story, and I feel that the years that have passed since their original creation were meant to bring us to this day. I really hope that fans will all survive. My deepest gratitude goes to the whole Dead by Daylight team for this collaboration!”

You can check out a video for the new Dead by Daylight Sadako Rising content down below. The chapter is available right now for Dead by Daylight on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.