Dead By Daylight is finally getting a 2V8 mode this Summer

Dead By Daylight is finally getting a 2V8 mode this Summer
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For as long as Dead By Daylight has been out, which is now closing in on 8 years, the game has always been played as a 1V4 PVP-style game, with one killer trying to take out four survivors whose mission it is to escape. This has been replicated in dozens of games with varying degrees of success including Resident Evil: Resistance, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and Friday the 13th: The Game. To keep the game fresh as it edges closer to being a decade old, which reminds me just how fast time flies as you grow older, Behaviour Interactive has announced that it is finally adding the highly requested 2V8 mode.

A figure in tattered clothing and a mask-like covering over its head holds a bloodied saw, set against the dark, ominous Dead By Daylight forest background with birds flying.
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Announced during the Dead By Daylight Year 8 Anniversary Livestream, which also saw the announcement of a collaboration with Dungeons and Dragons, the game will see a new 2V8 mode be released later this Summer. At least at launch, the new 2V8 mode will only feature five existing killers to choose from, the Hillbilly, Huntress, Nurse, Trapper, and Wraith, with each coming with their own unique skills. The mode will differ from the traditional 1V4 style in that Survivors will be put in cages rather than on hooks, but getting put in the cage three times will result in death just like in a regular match.

The Survivors will also act differently, with them having classes called archetypes rather than perks, with each one being focused on a different aspect of being able to win such as healing, survival, and objectives. To allow for double the player count, the maps will be made larger too so there will be more room to evade the killers without bumping into each other.

Over the Summer, Dead By Daylight usually sees its annual Scorching BBQ event, but this year it will be replaced by the new 2V8 mode. The next Dead By Daylight livestream that is scheduled for July will shed more light on the new mode and when players can expect it to be added to the game.