DBD Chucky Chapter 30 release date, time countdown and price

DBD Chucky Chapter 30 release date, time countdown and price
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Dead By Daylight fans have had a great year, but there is still one more DLC set to come out before the end of 2023. The game is riddled with ghosts, monsters, and heebie-jeebies, and now it’s about to add a famous killer doll with bright ginger hair. Here is the DBD Chapter 30 release date and time countdown along with the Chucky killer price.

As mentioned, it’s been a good year for DBD fans. Netflix recently brought Stranger Things back to Dead By Daylight, meaning you can enjoy the content that was previously removed by BeHaviour Interactive. There have been rumors of another Stranger Things chapter in the future, and hopefully, it’s something that will become a reality in 2024.

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But, while the return and rumored future of Stranger Things is fantastic, what’s even more exciting is the upcoming Dead By Daylight Chapter 30.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 release date 

The DBD Chapter 30 and Chucky killer release date is November 28th. This has been confirmed by Dead By Daylight developer BeHaviour Interactive on Twitter. It is only a paragraph, meaning there’s only a singular killer and no survivor. There is also no new map.

The last paragraph chapter we received was back in July with the arrival of Nicolas Cage as a survivor. It’s basically the same deal but with a baddie rather than a goodie. Still, there’s plenty of content to anticipate. Aside from Chucky voiced by famous actor Brad Dourif, you can also play as the Bride of Chucky, Tiffany. This comes in the form of a Tiffany Valentine Good Gal outfit, and this skin does come with vocals from Jennifer Tilly.

What time does DBD Chapter 30 come out? 

The release date and time for DBD Chapter 30 and Chucky killer is 8 AM PT/ 11 AM ET/ 4 PM GMT on November 28th. Again, this launch day has been confirmed by BeHaviour Interactive, meanwhile, the launch hours are always the same for DLC and updates.

Unlike other killers in the game, this is the very first to introduce a third-person camera. Everything in the game is presented from a first-person point-of-view, but things had to change with Chucky because of his minute size. Per BeHaviour Interactive, the third-person camera had to be introduced to overcome balance complications and to ensure players could play without being impeded by obstacles such as tall grass.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 release time US

  • 8 AM PT on Tuesday, November 28th
  •  11 AM ET on Tuesday, November 28th

Release time UK

  • 4 PM GMT on Tuesday, November 28th

DBD price

The Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 price is only $4.99 or 500 Auric Cells. This is considerably cheaper than most DLC packages because, again, it’s only a paragraph. There is no survivor and there is no new map. What’s especially great about this package is that it has the actual famous voice actors Brad Dourif for Chucky and Jennifer Tilly for Tiffany. We always take for granted actors reprising iconic roles from movies into video games, but it doesn’t always happen such as with Anthony Starr not voicing Homelander in Mortal Kombat 1.

Away from the imminent arrival of Chapter 30, something we have to anticipate in the far-off future is the Dead By Daylight single-player game from Until Dawn developer, Supermassive Games.