Dead by Daylight brings back Stranger Things content, including Hawkins map

Dead by Daylight brings back Stranger Things content, including Hawkins map
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Dead by Daylight is bringing back all of the Stranger Things content it had previously removed in a past update, including the infamous Hawkins Underground Complex map. Of course, the rest of the content contained within the Netflix series’ themed bundle will also be reintroduced, such as both Nancy and Steve cosmetics as well as the deadly Demogorgon.

Naturally, if you purchased the Stranger Things bundle before it was removed in 2021, then you probably haven’t had any issues accessing the goodies that were included in it. Fortunately, those who weren’t so lucky should finally be able to get their hands on the collaborative DLC, as developer Behaviour Interactive is now set to re-release it in the game, likely alongside the Dead by Daylight Chapter 30 release date. This is still merely speculation, though, so take it with a grain of salt, like always.

In addition, all of the perks introduced with this bundle, such as Nancy’s Inner Strength and Steve’s Babysitter abilities, will all be returning with their “original flavour text and icons.” According to the developer’s FAQ page, though, they will remain in the General perks category for now but will be brought back in as character-specific perks in a later patch.

Unfortunately, if you were looking forward to playing with newer Stranger Things content in DBD, prepare to be sorely disappointed because Behaviour Interactive doesn’t currently have any additional collaborative content planned as of writing. Nevertheless, this should still be welcome news to the fan base, as this crossover remains one of the biggest and most popular in the game’s history.

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