Acclaimed platformer de Blob is getting spruced up for a release on Nintendo Switch later this year, THQ Nordic has announced. 

Arriving on Ninty's portable powerhouse in collaboration with Blitworks, de Blob is pretty much how you remember it back in 2008. As the titular hero, the game sees you battling against the dastardly I.N.K.T. Corporation, who under the rule of Comrade Black have declared war on all things colour in the once-vibrant Chroma City.

Now faced with a bleak metropolis devoid of colour, de Blob must bounce and smash his way through legions Black's goons as he works to restore Chroma City back to its original glory. There's heaps of custom colours to lob about the place as you colour the city's various landmarks and towering skyscrapers in your efforts to overthrow I.N.K.T. Corp.

Finally, players can also go head-to-head to compete for control of Chroma City with the game's multiplayer, which comes equipped with eight different modes. No release date has been announced, but we'll keep you posted.

de Blob was recently released on PS4 and Xbox One and the sequel will also be coming to current-generation systems on February 27.

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