Rather Bizarrely David Hasselhoff - of Knight Rider, Baywatch and The Hoff fame - has made a post over on the official PlayStation Blog announcing his upcoming appearance in PSN title PAIN.

"Hello everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood David Hasselhoff here. I know you're probably wondering "What in the KITT am I doing on the PS Blog?" right? Well...settle down...settle down! I'm here to let you know straight from the Hoff's mouth - I'm coming to PAIN! And it hurts so good!" explained Hasselhoff.

On November 6 PS3 PAIN players will be able to download The Hoff as a new character, load him up into a launcher and send him flying into exploding crates, cars and people. Hasselhoff also notes that he has recorded a cover version of Culture Club's "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" exclusively for PAIN.