Data-mined No Man’s Sky reveals possible Xbox One version

Data-mined No Man’s Sky reveals possible Xbox One version
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With the launch of No Man’s Sky on PC comes the possibility of data-mining the game’s code to find cool secret stuff.

One such revelation which comes from a data mine is the presence of Xbox One in relation to the game’s Havoc physics, indicating that the space exploration game could well be heading to Microsoft’s platform at some point down the line.

The lack of any mention of PS4 exclusivity on the game’s promo material supports the idea that Xbox gamers will get the game once a predetermined period of time has passed. Sony, of course, does not own the No Man’s Sky IP, but has sunk a lot of marketing money into ensuring the PS4 version – which it is publishing – had every chance of being a big hit.

Given the game has become Sony’s second biggest PS4 launch, it seems like money well spent.

Also found hidden in the game’s data are a range of models, including a monkey and something which could well be the actual player model – which is kept secret in game. A host of old files relating to PS3 and Xbox 360 have also been spotted.

Source: NeoGAF