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Dark Souls tops 27 million sales worldwide, with Dark Souls 3 attaining 10 million sales

Bandai Namco has announced that Dark Souls has now sold over 27 million units worldwide, with Dark Souls 3 contributing 10 million sales to the total. 

Though recognisable for Soulslike veterans, the stellar combat and the detail set dressing of Dark Souls 3 carved a place in our hearts. “Dark Souls 3, for all its faults, still has enough of what made the original game so excellent. It’s a joy to spend time in the world, to grow stronger, to return to previously-difficult areas and crush everything in it, and while the sense of adventure is dulled. it’s never truly extinguished,” said we. And now, it’s evident that the game continues to chug along for the future of Dark Souls.

“Even after 4 years since its release, Dark Souls III is active and strong due to the support of the many player communities established for the game, thus leading to the sales of over 10 million units and counting,” stated the publisher in a press release. “The Dark Souls series has cumulatively surpassed 27 million in sales, and has proven its deep-rooted popularity as an IP with the sales of various themed merchandise and goods, from action figures to apparel, and more.”

There is a theory that Bluepoint Games—the savvy studio behind the Metal Gear Solid and Shadow of the Colossus remasters—is working on a Demon’s Souls remaster.  


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