Bluepoint Games has offered up a few tantalizing tidbits regarding its next project, which it says is not so much a remake of a classic game, but rather, a complete re-envisioning. 

Speaking at GDC (via PSLS), Peter Dalton, Bluepoint's technical director, commented: 'For Shadow of the Colossus we don’t call it a remaster, we coin it a remake due to the complexity of the project. And moving forward to our next project, we call it a re-envisioning, given that it goes well beyond what we thought was possible on Shadow of the Colossus.'

Shadow of the Colossus was released in February 2018, and is the quintessential example of a remake. It was built from the ground-up for new hardware, so it looks the dog's bollocks, but still maintained the core elements that you'd expect from the original.

Bluepoint is keeping mum on what it's next project is, but there's been murmurs that it's none other than Metal Gear Solid. I wouldn't mind them having a stab at Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, but that's just me.

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