Cyberpunk 2077 unveils full patch notes for 1.2 update

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CD Projekt Red has unveiled the full list of patch notes for open world RPG Cyberpunk 2077's latest massive patch, which looks set to drop imminently. 

It's a massive list of updates, and definitely too much for us to completely repeat here, but some brief highlights include an increased NCPD spawn radius when V commits a crime, a steering sensitivity slider that should make cars a bit easier to handle, an unstuck rocking rotating feature to help stop cars becoming embedded in Night City, driving model tune revisions, and you can no longer cancel fall damage by sliding (sorry, speedrunners!)

Other updates in this plentiful patch include fixes in many individual missions for V and NPCs getting stuck and camera issues, a bunch of tweaks and repairs to bugs in the open world, UI enhancements and, of course, many fixes to the performance of the game for specific formats as well as generally. Interestingly enough, the rather extensive patch notes -still- finish with "and many more" suggesting that there's even more fixes than even the studio can reasonably list.

If you fancy diving into them yourself, you can read the full V 1.2 patch notes over here. Presumably with this list of changes, the patch will almost certainly be dropping for Cyberpunk 2077 in the very near future, so keep an eye out for the download. It's the latest major patch promised as part of the game's extensive 2021 update plan, and pending any delays to the schedule caused by CD Projekt Red's recent cyber attack should mean that next on the docket is the game's promised DLC and next-generation upgrades.  

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