Ruthless CS2 ban wave has nuked accounts with skins worth thousands

Ruthless CS2 ban wave has nuked accounts with skins worth thousands
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One of the benefits of porting CS:GO to the Source 2 engine was in order to protect the game against cheaters and hackers. With the new engine came new protections against exploits, however it didn’t take long for gamers to start finding workarounds. Well, Valve have just cracked down on these hackers with a ban wave that’s nuking accounts with skins worth thousands.

Initially, the ban wave started hammering players who were using the Windows 7 operating system. Now, it seems the ban hammer has been lifted and they’re being repealed. These accounts were mistakenly banned, and while it seems to have been a technical error, there’s still a large portion of actual cheaters out there.

The site ConVars shows the growing amount of bans in-game, with game bans clearly shooting up in occurrence since the start of October. It looks as though the crack-down on cheaters is only going to grow more.

Via Reddit.

The site CS:GO backpack lets you show off your inventory, and since the ban wave, players have been able to see accounts with skins worth thousands put to an end. One such inventory was worth €4,218.65, though the account has now been banned – with two butterfly knives being locked away.

Another account worth €2,799.45 has also been banned, with ESL One Challenger graffitis having been burned by the ban. On closer inspection, this account’s value has since grown in value, so it’s possible that it only received a game ban rather than a VAC ban, or the ban was repealed similarly to that of the Windows bans.

The ruthless ban wave is being applauded in CS communities. With some of the reported cheaters having apparently been ranked #1 during the CS2 beta, now their accounts are completely disabled, and the community is free to enjoy the game without the possibility of hackers ruining their experience.

It’s bewildering that players with inventories worth enough to buy a car or put down a house deposit would willingly cheat and possibly lose out on their accounts worth thousands. The lengths people will go for a little bit of ego-stroking.