Creative Assembly's mysterious Aliens game is generating a "rare" degree of internal excitement, according to a SEGA PR rep.

Yesterday we visited Creative Assembly to check out Fall of the Samurai - the latest expansion for Shogun 2 - Total War. While there we did our best to find out what's going on with the Aliens project, which has been cloaked in secrecy since its announcement last May.

Unsurprisingly, everyone stayed tight-lipped - but the SEGA rep did give us this to mull over:

"What I can say, from what I've heard there's a lot of excitement about it. It's rare that we get people buzzing around the watercooler as much about a game, but it's awesome, apparently."

Granted, this a startling example of a SEGA PR officer saying nice things about a SEGA-published game, but it's still promising news.

Fans of political tomfoolery will recall that the surprise reveal for the game was spoiled by a careless tweet from Tory MP Ed Vaizey.

At the time, Creative Assembly director Tim Heaton told that the studio is aiming for review scores of 90% and above.