As reported by, The Sumo Group, parent company of UK-based studio Sumo Digital, has acquired the developer behind Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Dear Esther, The Chinese Room, in a deal worth approximately £2.2 million when all is said and done.

The Chinese Room co-founders Dan Pinchbeck and Jessica Curry will remain with the developer as creative director and composer, respectively, which should please fans of the award winning studio.

Sumo Digital's managing director Paul Porter has stated that he wants The Chinese Room to carry on making 'the unique and innovative games they are known and loved for,' while co-founder Pinchbeck has said that discussions are already happening on what we'll see next from the studio.

Last September, Pinchbeck announced that The Chinese Room was taking 'a pause' for the time-being after having to lay off a number of the dev's staff the prior July. While we don't know if the plan is still to step away from walking simulators, as Pinchbeck said last year, the pause is over, and both he, Curry, and all at The Chinese Room can get cracking on making games once more.

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