Company of Heroes 3 gets a limited-time Multiplayer Pre-Alpha tomorrow

Company of Heroes 3 gets a limited-time Multiplayer Pre-Alpha tomorrow
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Relic Entertainment and Sega have announced that they’ll let fans get their first hands-on with a Multiplayer Pre-Alpha of Company of Heroes 3 tomorrow.

This Pre-Alpha will give fans the opportunity to experience a small slice of the upcoming WW2 RTS. There’ll be four Italian maps to play on, across several gametypes. These include co-op versus AI opponents, competitive PvP against each other or Skirmish vs AI. They’ll also get to try out some of the threequel’s new features, such as Full Tactical Pause in skirmish mode.

There’ll be two playable factions in this sort-of-demo, namely the US and the Wehrmacht. Each will have their own units and abilities. More factions will be added to the full game at launch, with more details on those still to come.

The Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Pre-Alpha is available to pre-load on Steam right now. It’ll become playable from 5pm UK time tomorrow, November 30. After that point, it’ll be available through until Thursday, December 7 at 4am UK time. If you’ve already played the first Pre-Alpha, you’ll get in automatically. Everyone else can sign up on the CoH Development website here, and link their Steam account.

Company of Heroes 3 was first revealed back in July and is set for launch on PC in 2022. Check out a video explaining what to expect in the Multiplayer Pre-Alpha below.