Codemasters has today announced Damnation, a new hybrid 3rd/1st person action adventure title developed using Unreal Engine 3. Uniquely the game has a Western style, a genre largely unused in the video game space. The game is also said to include navigation puzzles similar to those seen in hit Sony game God of War.

"We really wanted to do a Western game that leveraged the power of Epic's Unreal 3 technology," said Executive Producer Richard Gilbert, "but we found the purely historical setting far too limiting for the design we had in mind. By allowing technology to advance in some areas, but remain more primitive in others due to the ravages of a protracted war, we were able to create a fantastic Steampunk-style industrialized Old West worthy of Jules Verne."

"With such a rich and uniquely diverse visual environment to create for next generation graphics hardware," Gilbert continued, "we knew we would need a top partner to manage art direction. We are thrilled to have signed industry leading art and animation studio Liquid Development to that role."

Not content with gunplay, players will be able to navigate through the environments with the dexterity of Lara Croft, so Codemasters says. Look for more on the game ahead of its winter 2008 release date.