Codemasters is investigating a bug found in the PC version of F1 2013 that is said to offer a speed boost to cars when the game is running at a faster frame rate.

The bug is alleged to offer players with better performing PCs an advantage on track, with higher frame rates resulting in faster cars.

Multiple community members claim to have proved the phenomenon by shaving seconds off track times while running at a faster frame rate, and stated that the bug will "destroy online leagues and racing".

"As Steve [Hood, F1 2013 creative director] has said on Twitter, we are currently investigating this," said a Codemasters employee on the game's official forums.

"I realise it's frustrating not having any more information than that, but until we've had the time to look into this thoroughly there's nothing more I can tell you. My apologies, I'm sure, won't make you feel any less aggrieved by this, but we are treating this very seriously."

F1 2013 launched last Friday on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.