Life to date sales of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 are tracking behind the sales of the previous year's Black Ops over the same time period. This has lead some analysts to suggest that sales of the Call of Duty series have peaked.

Exact sales figures for the two games aren't available, but analysts at Macquarie Equities believe the most recent release in the CoD series is approximately 4.2 per cent down in sales. It seems prolonged sales of Modern Warfare 3 simply haven't been as strong, with the game's March 2012 sales around half that of Black Ops' March 2011 numbers.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter stated that the slowdown in sales could be due to consumers becoming more reliant on new releases, cutting the length of the sales tail that big games traditionally benefited from.

Sales of the full version of the latest Call of Duty is only one of the ways Activision makes money from each series iteration. Digital sales of DLC account for a large proportion of overall revenue from the games - something the firm will no doubt be keen to increase over time with the introduction of CoD Elite, which debuted in November 2011.

Via Gamasutra.