CoD community breathes a sigh of relief as the Black Ops 6 file size won’t reach 300GB

CoD community breathes a sigh of relief as the Black Ops 6 file size won’t reach 300GB
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If you were scrambling to free up space on your gaming console or PC in preparation for the alleged 300GB file size of Black Ops 6, there’s no need to worry. Activision has stated that the massive file sizes shown on the game’s pre-order pages were a mistake.

According to an X (formerly Twitter) post from Call of Duty Updates, 300GB is the cumulative file size for “the full installations of Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and all relevant content packs.” Conversely, the actual file size for Black Ops 6 will be much smaller, though neither Activision nor Treyarch have yet to specify what it will be. However, they did state that they’ll be revealing it as we get closer to launch, so you won’t have to wait long now to find out.

Predictably enough, many within the community breathed a sigh of relief upon finding out, as 300GB is an absurd number, even for a CoD game. Although the series has notoriously had some of the heftiest entries to date (both Cold War and 2019’s Modern Warfare clocked in at around 100+ GB each), 300 would have broken the record for any game’s biggest individual file size. Luckily, it was all a false alarm, so your SSDs are safe for now.

While you wait to find out how much space you’ll need to install the game, check out our pages on the recent Black Ops 6 multiplayer and Black Ops 6 round-based zombies trailers. We also suggest taking a closer look at the Black Ops 6 campaign because there are bound to be a few returning characters you’re familiar with. There’s plenty to look forward to if you’re a long-time fan of the CoD series, especially with Black Ops 6’s game-changing Omnimovement mechanics set to define the series now and in the future.