After being confused by the internet for a Red Dead Redemption game due to a screenshot of it being posted on the GTAForums earlier in the year, Wild West Online is shooting straight from the hip with its first gameplay trailer. In this short 6 minute video, you’ll get a look at the bounties system, some of the environments, town activities and even combat. Yee ha.

Wild West Online is an open-world online multiplayer game in which players are free to explore and interact however they wish, within a wild west setting. Taking on a variety of roles according to their decisions, players can become a lawman, outlaw or even an exploring pioneer. The game’s said to contain plenty of content, such as resource gathering, player vs layer combat, player vs enemy game missions, treasure hunts and more to be announced.

Wild West Online is being developed for PC, and can be pre-ordered for access to the closed alpha and beta at its official site. Those who pre-order before July 20 will get access to exclusive content, including a saddle, and horse and gun skins. 

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