Can you merge accounts on Fortnite? (2023)

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One of the most curious questions in the game, which allows cross-play between platforms, also concerns this: Can you merge accounts on Fortnite?

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Fortnite continues to have millions of players. It’s a great game that so many players can connect to the game from almost any platform.

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With Fortnite’s new Chapter 4 Season 2 underway, players have been wondering how to combine their accounts on different devices.

Before cross-play support was introduced, you’d to create a new account on almost every device. But that’s no longer necessary.

So is there a way to combine your Epic Games accounts?

Can You Merge Fortnite Accounts In 2023?

Fortnite accounts can no longer be merged. This process, which was allowed for a short time when cross-play support was first announced, is now banned according to official information.

Although Epic Games no longer officially supports account merging, players who do not accept this answer continue to try different methods.

Ways to combine Fortnite accounts on different platforms, especially YouTube, are shared. However, since these are not official solutions, they can be dangerous for your account.

However, you can link your Playstation, Xbox, or Switch account to your Epic Games account. All you have to do is log into your Epic Games account on the website and go to the Accounts Connections page.

Will Fortnite Account Merge Come Back?

Thanks to cross-play support, first announced in 2018, players who played Fornite on different platforms could finally play together.

Although this support initially only brought Playstation players and Xbox and Switch players together, players on all platforms can now play together.

With this support in 2018, Epic Games also gave players the opportunity to merge their accounts for a short time. We say short time because players found ways to merge banned or suspended accounts. As a result, this service was quickly shut down.

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Can you merge accounts on Fortnite? – FAQ

Can I merge accounts in Fortnite 2023?

Unfortunately Fortnite accounts can no longer be merged.

Why was account merging removed for Fortnite?

This was due to some players exploiting the feature by buying and selling accounts.

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