In the Valley of Gods might be experiencing some technical difficulties, as Campo Santo developers have removed the game from their Twitter bios with no explanation (via Game Rant). 

The developer’s debut, Firewatch, is an emotive, isolated, and exceptionally stylised game set in Shoshone National Forest, one year after the disastrous Yellowstone fires of 1988. Short but sweet, the game collected up countless nominations and awards. When Campo Santo unveiled In the Valley of Gods, the excitement was tangible for an Egyptian archaeological adventure. However, if the possible abandonment is true, this latest project may never see the light of day.

Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman assured that the Valve acquisition would not scupper the studio’s unique take on storytelling. “The thing that was going to kill our game wasn't an overlord. It's never going to be that. That's just not what exists here,” he explained, and said that the two companies working together is like a “mindshare” borne of careful consideration. “I just know that I probably can't imagine the next thing I'm working on, and that's f*cking awesome,” Vanaman added. 

Of course, we don’t know for sure that In the Valley of Gods has been scrapped because we don’t have an official acknowledgement from either Campo Santo or Valve. It is hoped that the team is enjoying its work on their current project, whatever it may be, and we might hear about it soon. 

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