Activision has debuted a new trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII The Resistance DLC, offering a fresh glimpse at the various multiplayer maps that will arrive with the expansion later this month.

The Resistance, which hits PS4 first due to Sony's timed exclusivity deal with Activision, features three new maps in total, alongside a new War Mode offering and the undead-themed The Darkest Shore.

However, it's the War Mode's new Operation Intercept that's got the publisher all hot under the collar in a post on the US PlayStation Blog. This mission sees players rescuing a number of resistance fighters in St. Lo, France, where your first port of call as the Allies is to visit the cells where your comrades are banged up.

You're then tasked with smashing up some vital communications equipment, although as Axis forces, you'll not only need to protect this gear, but also prevent the Allies from rescuing the prisoners as well as stopping a tank from reaching the trainyard. 

The Resistance is due out on PS4 on January 30. 

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