As sure as night follows day, DLC follows a Call of Duty release, and the Second World War setting of Call of Duty: WWII is no exemption to this rule. The first pack, named Resistance, will land in January, and developer Sledgehammer Games has released a trailer showing what's on offer.

The DLC kicks off with three multiplayer maps. Anthropoid is set on the streets of Prague and was 'inspired by' the only successful assassination of a senior Nazi official during WWII. Occupation is a remake of a classic Modern Warfare 3 map, with the action transferred to a German-occupied Paris. Finally Valkyrie is a map inspired by The Wolf's Lair – Hitler's HQ during the invasion of the Soviet Union.

War Mode's Operation Rescue will see you leading an urban rescue mission to save some Resistance fighters on a train, while in Nazi Zombies, The Darkest Shore will see players fighting the undead on a shoreline to reach an island that may be holding their target and features rolling fog, a new weapon in the Buzzsaw (it's pretty much what it sounds like) and an all new, more intelligent zombie enemy.

The pack will be available from January 30 exclusively first on the PlayStation 4, before coming to Xbox One and PC once the exclusivity deal on the pack wears off, about a month later.

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