Developer Sledgehammer Games has shared the first major details on Call of Duty: WWII's upcoming ranked play season two, which will kick off on February 1. Chiefly, Michael Condrey promised the studio would be taking on board player feedback for the next round, as well as implementing season one data into the mix.

Posting on Reddit, Condrey spoke of the developer's intention to make season two 'a level playing field for all,' pledging a host of improvements for the acclaimed Nazi-killing shooter across the board. 

Furthermore, XP will be up for grabs from the get-go, and Sledgehammer is looking at 'the right way' to incorporate four-player parties into the mix. The team also noted that those who cheated their way to higher tiers would be punished accordingly; no Pro Tier rewards for season one will be handed out to the more, shall we say, unscrupulous players. 

Call of Duty: WWII will receive its first major slice of DLC, titled The Resistance, on January 30 for PS4. The expansion will roll out across other platforms at a later date due to Sony's timed-exclusivity deal with Activision. In case you missed it, CoD: WWII was officially named the best-selling video game of 2017 in the US. 

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