Call of Duty: Ghosts gets Snoop Dogg Voice Pack, marijuana customisation pack

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Call of Duty: Ghosts is to receive a number of additional DLC packs, including a Snoop Dogg voice Pack and a marijuana-themed ‘Blunt Force Personalisation Pack’.

Details of the upcoming add-ons were announced on the official Call of Duty site, revealing the “diverse selection” of customisation items heading to Xbox One and Xbox 360 next Tuesday, April 22.

For $2.99, players can choose to have Snoop Dogg narrating multiplayer firefights, shouting phrases like “Ballistic vest ready; those are some fine-ass threads”, and “Don’t stop; cap ’em and shank ’em.” You can see more examples in the video above.

For another $2.99, you’ll be able to purchase a Drill Instructor voice pack voiced by Full Metal Jacket’s Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey, swapping out “your in-game alerts with ones that will get you back into top combat shape.”

Cod ghosts blunt force

Six new weapon camo packs will also be available for $1.99 each, letting you cover your guns in eyeballs, molten lava, hexagons and… marijuana leaves.

And finally, two new character packs are also planned to launch next Tuesday, including a Classic Ghost Pack ($1.99) featuring the Ghost mask, Task Force 141 patch, background and player card, and the Soap Legend Pack ($3.99), letting you play as Modern Warfare star John ‘Soap’ MacTavish.

UK prices have yet to be confirmed. Expect the content to hit other platforms at a later date.


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