Call of Duty: Ghosts is now more real than it ever has been following its 'official' reveal during Microsoft's Xbox One announcement, and we here at were lucky enough to see it in all its glory the week prior. You can read in-depth information and opinions here, but if bullet point, quick-to-digest details are more your thing, this is everything we know so far.


  • Ghosts features a dog that's also a part of your squad.
  • The rest of the squad is made up of guys from various military units.
  • Two members are brothers inexperienced in combat.
  • It is NOT Modern Warfare 4, but the story does revolve around America being crippled by an as of yet unannounced superpower.
  • There's a heavy focus on underwater stealth.
  • The story has been penned by Syriana writer Steven Gaghan.


  • You can now fully customise your character.
  • Dynamic maps will allow you to change the layout of a level by, for example, pushing over a stack of logs to kill an enemy.
  • Infinity Ward is "staying true" to 60FPS.


  • Call of Duty: Ghosts runs on a new next-generation engine.
  • Uses new technology known as 'SubD' (developed by Pixar) allowing edges to be far more rounded. Think the end of a gun.
  • New AI systems have been introduced such as how fish will exist in the game world.
  • There's a new volumetric HDR lightning system.
  • Displacement technology gives geography more depth rather than 'implied geometry'.
  • You can now lean and vault waist-high objects quicker than before.
  • Iris-adjustment has been introduced meaning the screen will react to a change in. lightning conditions, much like Battlefield.

Expect more from E3 but for now, that's your lot!


For the purpose of this article, attended a Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal event in Los Angeles. Flights and accommodation provided by Activision.