After suffering multiple problems since its launch in early November, Activision is reporting that Call of Duty: Elite is now operational.

"Going into the holiday we are confident in the stability of the service," said Daniel Suarez, vice president of production at Activision to Kotaku.

Call of Duty: Elite's mobile applications will also launch next week. These were previously delayed until the service was properly up and running.

Last week Activision announced that over one million people have signed up for Call of Duty: Elite's premium service, which costs £34.99 a year.

An update on the Elite status blog further details the progress of the social platform. "The ELITE team has had quite a productive week, as we are seeing an incredible amount of progress on all fronts. From the implementation of several clan updates and fixes, to launching the ELITE program guide, this has been a big week for us.

"First and most importantly, we've opened things up and now all ELITE users, both free and premium, are able to access the service and actively engage with it. This is good news, as the site is now fully restored on the scalability front. That being said, we're still ironing out bugs and addressing individual areas of the service that need to be optimised, but we feel great about the steps we've taken so far and the feedback we're getting from users has been very encouraging."