Call of Duty: Elite has ten million registered users worldwide, and two million of those have paid their way into the premium membership club, Activision has announced.

The figure was dished out as part of Activision's quarterly financial report last night, along with the news that the entire Call of Duty franchise has 40 million active users every month. Modern Warfare 3 itself has logged 1.6 billion hours of multiplayer time, which sounds like loads.

In the UK, a one-year premium subscription to Call of Duty: Elite costs £34.99 - which comes to almost £70m in revenue, if you run that through a calculator. Currency differences will obviously factor into the total tally, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's a whole load of cash regardless.

No specific figures were given for Modern Warfare 3's Content Collection 1, however, whereas this time last year Activision was trumpeting the success of its Black Ops map packs to anyone who would listen. Do you think Call of Duty: Elite might have taken a big chunk out of regular map pack sales?