Treyarch has released the 1.11 update for the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The latest patch includes security updates, support for the Annihilation Map Pack and fixes an audio problem to do with planting and defusing in Search and Destroy.

Call of Duty Black Ops forum user dedicatedserversplease explained what this Search and Destroy audio fix means for players.

"Prior to the patch, when someone on the other team planted the bomb, you could hear them pressing the keypad for the entire duration of the plant/defuse. This was the first COD that this happened on and it changed the way you played the game for the worse. You could no longer ninja defuse or fake defuse bringing opponents out. Now that the patch has been applied, if the other team plants/defuses the bomb, you will only hear the briefcase open, and no longer hear any pressing of the keypad. The only person that will hear the keypad is the person who actually plants/defuses."

Patch 1.11

  • Security updates
  • Support for Annihilation Map Pack (releasing July 28)
  • Search and Destroy audio tweaks for planting and defusing

The Call of Duty Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack received a 7/10 in our review of the Xbox 360 download. It hits PS3 and PC tomorrow.


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