During Twitchcon 2017 over the weekend, Bungie gave Destiny 2 players an idea of what to expect in terms of content for the online-only first-person shooter. The developers confirmed that Destiny 2 will receive regular updates in the form of a new quarterly seasons system, which will bring themed content such as emotes, ornaments, ships, sparrows, and more. The developer also confirmed that the holiday-themed event, The Dawning, would be returning to Destiny 2 later this year.

Bungie said that it’s expecting to release four seasons each year (though this is subject to change), and the first of these will likely be the rumoured Curse of Osiris which is due later this year and will see players taking a trip to Mercury. Bungie has said that it’s added seasons to the game to ensure ‘a more predictable cadence for content updates’, and will also give the developer the opportunity to tweak and balance the gameplay. That’s code for culling cheesing opportunities.

Before the second season begins, Bungie has said that there will be another Iron Banner and Faction Rally before the end of season one. Both of these events will take place following the PC release, and will bring the PC content schedule in line with that of its console cousins.

Bungie also revealed that the beginning of each season will reset Clan progress, and everyone will start afresh. This is so that new clans can keep up with more established ones, and ensures that newcomers to the community won’t be ostracised by those who’ve played from the beginning. Perks gained from levelling up within clans will change depending on the theme of a particular season. For example, the first season focuses on the Cabal, and season two will change this up somewhat.

In season 2, Bungie has said that it’ll be adding collectible ornaments to Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner, and Faction Rally gear. Players will be able to get these by collecting tokens, as per usual, except this time around ornaments will be locked until a gear-specific challenge is completed. There’ll be some more changes coming to Destiny 2 such as Clarion Call rituals which will give players double XP and new bright engrams when playing as part of a Fireteam during set missions. 

The Dawning will see its return later this year with new armour, and new activities set in the Tower. This event will bring some changes to not only the social spaces, but also the game world, and this event will see the introduction of a new PvP multiplayer map, too. The Dawning is expected to go live shortly after the beginning of season two.

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