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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS April Fools Game Mode is Here

PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS April fools event
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Every April Fools Day PUBG goes in hard with some creative new takes, and modes, on the incredibly popular game. In the past we have seen Fantasy Battle Royale in 2020, an 8-bit mode with POBG – The Original Battlegrounds in 2021, and in 2022 the game lived by the words of “go big, or go home” with the Monster Chicken Royale

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Now we have Bizarre Battle Royale, which by the time you’re reading this is live in game. Here is everything we know about the Bizarre Battle Royale so far: 

What is Bizarre Battle Royale in PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS? 

The latest mode coming to PUBG is a wild mode where players battle giant chickens and zombies who have their own special abilities. Like we have come to expect from these events, it is a pretty high concept but should make for a good time. 

In the Bizarre Battle Royale players will collect OP coins from the zombies, other players and chickens. With these coins you can then buy OP items for a variety of powers including invulnerability or more health, in an attempt to give you an edge. As we have come to expect, it is the last team standing that will take home the win. 

When Does Bizarre Battle Royale End? 

The Bizarre Battle Royale event will run through to April, 10, so make sure you get to try it out before it is gone from the game. Like we say, the game mode is available now.