Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway demo confirmed

Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway demo confirmed
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Gearbox Software has confirmed plans to release a demo of hotly anticipated Xbox 360, PS3 and PC WW2 FPS Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway.

Speaking to at Ubidays in Paris last week, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford said he wasn’t sure whether the demo would come before or after the game’s official release, scheduled for some time this August.

When asked if Gearbox planned a demo Pitchford replied: “Yeah we do have plans for a demo. We haven’t actually specifically decided which thing, which bit of the gameplay we’re going to put in the demo yet. We’re going to do it. I don’t know if it will come out before the launch or not. It might not, it might come after. We’ll see. But we’re going to give a demo, because there are some people who really want to check things out before they buy.”

Hell’s Highway, the third in the successful Brothers In Arms series, sees players assume the role of Matt Baker of the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army and take part in Operation Market Garden, an Allied bid to destroy Nazi Germany before Christmas 1944.

Pitchford said the demo was mainly for people who might be new to the series and “don’t know if they should trust us yet”.

“We’ve had Brothers in Arms games before,” he said. “People know what the brand is about. In general we’ve got a reasonable amount of trust. There’s a lot of people who know that they want the game and they’re just tired of waiting and they want us to get it out as soon as possible so we’re focusing on that. But there are some other folks who might be new to us, they don’t know if they should trust us yet or maybe they haven’t played a Brothers in Arms game before. We’ll get around to a demo for them and we’ve got it in our plans for that.”

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