BradyGames thinks its Grand Theft Auto 5 game guide will make it the No.1 guide publisher, Brady's global strategy guide publisher Mike Degler has told MCV.

"We have Grand Theft Auto V signed and we're really excited about it," said Degler.

"We have a core group of licensing partners and Prima has a core group of partners. Then there's a handful of titles that come out each year that we both scramble to get.

"What happens is during the years where our core group of partners have really big releases, our market share is usually bigger than Prima's. And vice versa.

"So when Grand Theft Auto V finally comes out, we're going to have a really good year. We know we're going to sell out of strategy guides for that game."

According to Degler a popular guide can sell up to 300,000 copies.

GTA 5 is currently without a release date, though many expect it in 2013.